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’Cursed school’ escape room – designed by technology classes – has opened its doors

We are so happy and proud to announce that the escpape room ’Cursed school’ is now fully ready for its real use in EscapeRooms Oulu ( We are super happy with the collaboration between the company and our technology classes. The project lasted the whole autumn semester, and included many phases starting from brainstorming, continuing to planning, prototyping and testing, and finally ending up to the construction of the escape room in Oulu city center.

We got a nice video greeting from the company in the end of the project. We wathced it together in classrooms just before X-mas break. Video included feedback from users, and also a great surprise for our pupils since the entrepreneur wanted to thank us by providing a fun day in adventure park Huikia during spring semester 2021.

If you are living nearby Oulu, you can book your own adventure in Cursed school (Kirottu koulu in Finnish): 

This is how the school looks like.

Now it’s time to move on to our next projects.

Technology teachers Essi, Arto and Jussi